The Proven Ways of Boosting Your Conversion Through Social Media

Conversion is a key parameter to judge the success of your social media marketing campaign. Typically, a well-planned social media marketing campaign should bring a conversion rate around 5% or above. However, businesses often struggle to achieve the mentioned conversion rate. According to the industry experts, the average conversion rate of businesses across all industries stands around 2-2.5%. The data clearly suggests that businesses should optimize their social media campaigns to fetch a better conversion rate.

So, how can your business achieve a better conversion rate through social media networks? In the following section, find a few proven social media marketing strategies to optimize conversion rate.

1. Videos Bring a Better Conversion Rate on Social Media

Instead of using plain texts and images, your business should master the art of developing attention-grabbing videos to improve the conversion rate. Ideally, the videos should have duration of 20-30 seconds. Moreover, the videos should be highly target-audience oriented. According to the reports, well-crafted social media videos often fetch 3-4% conversion rate. Therefore, your business must find a digital marketing service that has proven expertise in developing videos for social media campaigns.

2. Increase Your Social Media Interactions

Interacting with social media followers is crucial to build trust and boost sales. The best way of boosting interactions is spending more time on social media. You must post content more frequently and develop unique ideas to engage your audiences. For example, a social media profile can draw more attention by creating polls on trending topics. The polls often draw attention quickly, because people like to share their opinions on social media.

3. Keep Content Relevant to Your Brand

In a quest of increasing social media interactions, small businesses often start posting content which is not relevant to their brands. As a result, the target audiences may get confused, which will eventually lead to a poor conversion rate. Therefore, it is crucial to develop interesting and unique content that maintains relevance with your business.

4. Live Video Sessions to Showcase Your Products

Have you started using Facebook or Instagram live feature to sell your products? Many startups and small-scale enterprises use the live video sessions to convert their social media followers into buyers. However, conversion rate may not be high initially if you have a low social media follower count. A persistent effort in social media marketing will eventually fetch a good follower count.

5. Announce Discounts with Strong Call-To-Actions

Announcing limited period discounts on social media often encourages the potential buyers convert into the actual buyers. Such social media announcements should come with strong CTA (Call-To-Action) to motivate the potential buyers. So, these are some proven social media marketing strategies that your business can deploy to boost conversion rate. Hiring a professional and reliable social media marketing service can prove beneficial, as a well-managed campaign is vital for a high conversion rate through social networking websites.