The global digital marketing industry is expected to reach at a valuation of $807 billion by 2026. The pandemic in 2019-20 has given a significant boost to the industry. Due to the lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, many people chose online shopping over the conventional buying. As a result, the industry made a fast progress in last few years. Though pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the ecommerce industry can still experience a steady progress in the future.

At this point, businesses must reshuffle their digital marketing plans and bolster the online presence through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Understanding the present industry trends is essential for the success of your digital marketing campaign. Moreover, following the latest trends is the best way of staying relevant in competition. In the following section, you can find some latest trends in digital marketing industry.

1. Short Videos for Facebook and Instagram

Digital marketers cannot overlook the importance of social media in today’s digital marketing scenario. You need social media to improve online presence, though social media marketing is not the easiest thing. Digital marketers often brainstorm various creative ideas for social media marketing. However, many of those ideas may not work, while some of them may work.

One of the most convincing ways of grabbing attention of the target audience on social media is developing short videos. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms encourage users creating and uploading unique short videos. A business can develop such videos to draw attention of the potential buyers.

2. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Your business needs collaborations with the social media influencers, who can fetch organic traffic to your online store. However, the collaboration should be relevant and organic. Overpromoting a product through social media influencers may create negative sentiment among the potential buyers.

For example, you should find influencers in fitness niche if you want to sell a fitness-related product through social media influencers. Similarly, gadget sellers can collaborate with the influencers who review the latest gadgets and share news or updates on the upcoming gadgets.

3. Get Well-Accustomed toChatGPT

It is undeniable that ChatGPT has created an online buzz since many experts have started sharing their opinions on it. Digital marketers should be ready to adopt and deploy the latest technologies to improve digital marketing campaign’s productivity.

You can create individualized responses to the customers using ChatGPT. Moreover, digital marketers can use the tool for keyword research, email newsletter content development, and many other purposes. The tool can make the job simpler for the digital marketing experts to a large extent. Therefore, there is no harm in harnessing the power of AI to improve your digital marketing campaign’s productivity.

4. Developing Multilingual Content through Machine Translation

You can take your local search engine optimization strategy one-step ahead using the local languages for brand or product promotion. Using localized content for brand promotion helps reaching more potential customers. Moreover, localized content will also help your business develop an emotional connection with the target audiences. Leveraging the local sentiment can help businesses grow quickly in a few particular regions and draw better profitability.

5. More Interactions with the Customers

Online marketers need to increase business interactions with the customers to understand the customer requirements and collect data. Collecting customer behavioral data and analyzing it can help improve your digital marketing campaign’s effectiveness. You can process the data through various analytics tools to obtain customer insights.

Bottom Line Digital marketing is a dynamic field, where you will find constant changes and introduction of new technologies. The digital marketers who are ready to cope with the changing dynamics of the industry will eventually emerge successful. You must constantly evaluate the productivity of the digital marketing campaign and improve online exposure for your business.