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Modern web development and design rely heavily on Javascript and its vast number of libraries and extensions that add features and functionality to augment website design. jQuery is also popular in part because it has been used on some of the most popular sites on the internet such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, Yahoo! Mail, Flickr, and many more.


EZ Digital understands the needs of JQuery JS Development Services in modern web design and development. Whether your business simply needs to integrate JQuery for certain features or wants to deep dive into JQuery in combination with other frameworks such as the Twitter Bootstrap framework, AngularJS, Dojo, and more, EZ Digital can make the process a breeze.

Significance of JQuery Development Services

jQuery is one of the most famous Javascript libraries which makes performing HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax easier. There are over 34,000 plugins and counting that help you do practically everything you can think of to improve your website. The main reason why jQuery is so popular is that it makes it easy to use HTML and CSS to add functionality and effects without having to write any code.


jQuery is primarily used in combination with other frameworks such as the Twitter Bootstrap framework, AngularJS, Dojo, and more. These frameworks provide the functionality and architecture needed to support large applications while providing a solid base for adding animations, effects, events, interactions, etc. jQuery not only makes it easy to add these features but also makes it possible for designers and non-developers to create them. jQuery allows developers to be more productive by allowing them to reuse code that has already been written instead of starting from scratch every time a new project begins.


JQuery development Services are gaining popularity as new businesses looking to build faster responsive websites and better SEO results, all of which come when jQuery is used in website development. You can reach out to EZDigital today to experience the benefits of jQuery development services.

Some Interesting facts about jQuery

According to w3techs, jQuery is used by 94.8% of all the websites that use JavaScript libraries. This is 77.3% of all websites.

Among the top 10000 websites on the web, jQuery is the most popular Javascript library in use.


Technologies we offer in our services

Our web design services In NJ are available as per the highest standards of the current industry, they offer the following technologies:




SQL Server
















Cake PHP

Why choose EZ Digital as your web development & design service provider?

The merits of choosing EZ Digital are as follows:

Modern technologies

Experienced web designers and developers

Quality assurance

Complete transparency

Cost-effective pricing

Working as a business asset

The passion behind our service

Why web design & development is essential for new businesses?

Businesses have undergone a massive shift in recent times; the days of door salesman and conversational strategies are over. These business strategies are obsolete as the customers have become educated enough to realize their needs and purchase accordingly this does not mean we should consider that there is no demand in the modern market. Demand is huge and ever-growing for both product and service-based businesses.

A business in the modern-day requires an online presence in order to thrive in the fast-paced competitive market. The Internet can be considered a defining invention of human civilization, which has changed the shopping habits of many individuals. It has opened up avenues for more retail sales by marketing the business online. In this world of trends and hashtags, a business needs a strong, dynamic, and appealing web presence to survive.

EZ Digital and web development solutions

Here at EZ Digital, we lay great emphasis on the fact that local businesses must understand their target audience. Such customer service is difficult to achieve on an online platform unless one has a good website that drives high-quality traffic. EZ Digital wishes to achieve such seamless customer service in an online environment by ensuring that your website design has been developed to accommodate that.

Web Design & Development: The new business necessity

In a world that lives by the mantra that a brand ought to be omnipresent globally, effective web design and development have become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. At EZ Digital, we understand the nooks and crannies of a broad range of web design & development solutions. We not only make use of social media and other online platforms to promote businesses, but also optimize the websites of our clients ideally to increase reach and views. It is not a mere billboard advertisement one may find on the side of the highway and is a complete package, the execution of which requires trained professionals to function optimally.

Start your web development campaign with us

Here at EZ Digital, we understand that the daunting task of executing a digital marketing campaign starts with the simple act of creating a powerful, impactful website. The first and foremost thing a modern business needs is a website. Not only should it attract the right kind of organic traffic to your business that improves lead generation, but it also needs to be visually attractive. EZ Digital’s work is more streamlined and focused on finesse. We create and develop websites that are user-friendly, digitally accessible, and help fetch qualified leads. 

Choosing EZ Digital as your web development partner

As more and more businesses take their presence online, it has become quintessential to find a web design & development company that can help you build a strong online presence that drives revenue. Different businesses have different demographics and hence, different requirements. Some businesses have more tech-based needs, while some have more graphic-based requirements. Moreover, as a company grows, so do its needs. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your website design and development service provider can help you handle that growth online. 

Hence, EZ Digital is an ideal choice. If you are looking for the best web development companies in New Jersey, get in touch with our expert team right away. 

Frequently asked questions:

jQuery offers various advantages in terms of website responsiveness for users while also making development simpler. This makes website management and maintenance easier.

The jQuery development team at EZDigital will guide you through each step as we revamp your website with jQuery and will keep you in the loop from project initiation, analysis and development, testing, and delivery.