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Email marketing is the most powerful digital marketing strategy when it comes to generating leads and converting them. They have become more important than ever now because of their widespread use and global relevance.

To put it in simple words, email marketing is a digital strategy that thousands of businesses use to build brand recognition, drive sales, and establish client relationships. Businesses use different email service providers (ESPs), to send personalized, automated marketing emails with brand announcements and promotions.

Whether you require promotional emails, weekly emails, customer surveys or invitations to events – EZ Digital email marketing services have got you covered.

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What Do Our Email Marketing Campaign Services Include?

Email List Management
EZ Digital team creates an email list that is tailored to your business niche. We eradicate all duplicate email addresses from the email list and also ensure the validity of your email address.
Google Analytics Integration

As a renowned email marketing agency in New Jersey, we works by integrating Google Analytics with our email marketing strategy. It allows you to track total visits, goal completions, and e-commerce conversions.


Our email marketing services can help you enrich your customers and your potential customers with the necessary information.

Why Choose EZ Digital’s Email Marketing Services?

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaign

Our digital marketing strategy offers a complete range of email services, helping you with all aspects of your email marketing needs, including a simple email blast or a complete set of solutions.

Multivariate and A/B Campaign Testing

EZ Digital doesn't just create email newsletter designs or marketing email templates. We test all aspects of your email marketing campaign to ensure it delivers big results - including subject line, send schedules, and email content. This aids us to zero down on the best approach for your email marketing campaign.

Tailored List Segmentation

Our team does extensive research to determine your target audience and uses advanced email marketing software to segment it.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Providing adept email marketing services, our team offers many other digital marketing services in addition to email marketing services.

Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We create email campaigns that are tailored to your business needs and manage them effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

Different metrics are valued by different brands. You have to determine which indicator is most important for your campaigns based on your goals.

Email is likely to contain more customer information than any other channel. Email should be where you deliver the most personalized experiences. Return on Investment is amazing considering the time and effort involved.